The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 19

Today our special thing was to make a Christmas tree for the animals – supposedly the birds, but we know the squirrels will be there as much if not more than the birds. We bought the birdseed yesterday and got bread and cookie cutters and peanut butter. After toasting the bread the kids put a string in the bread and added some peanut butter and seeds. They really like doing this – Tess said it is almost her favorite thing to do at Christmas. Because they love doing it so much, I made sure we got this included before the 24 days were over. After everything was made, the girls went out and hung everything on the tree. There were actually squirrels watching and assumably waiting for us to leave.

Then later some of the girls went skating at the rink at the shopping center. I am not sure why they wanted to go as it was so cold. I thought it was miserable. I could not wait for them to finish and they acted like they were not even cold. Reagan and Asher went with us and Reagan actually took off her coat and her sweatshirt and wore her t-shirt. Good grief, I’m not sure how she did that. But, they all had fun and skated an hour. Then I had to get gas and they all wanted to go into the service station to see if there was anything they wanted and, of course, there was. It is amazing to me how much kids like to get food at the service station. Four of them got nachos and slurpees and Bethany got a hot dog. Sarah, on the other hand, won’t touch a thing that is very different and she only got a drink. They all left happy thanking me. It was a very good day – but, cold.

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