The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 7

Today our special thing was that I ran out to Einstein’s and bought bagels, chocolate chip muffins, and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. The girls love Einstein’s and they were very happy this morning with our special thing. Sarah had asked me to do this for our special thing several times and today seemed like a good day since I had little for breakfast.

Later several of the girls and Liam had to go to church to try on costumes for the Christmas program we are doing on Sunday. I think we finally have something for everyone to wear. Dress rehearsal is Saturday and the program is on Sunday. This is our first program we have done since Christmas 2019 and the kids are excited to do one again.

My first picture is of my granddaughter Evelyn and grandson Asher – they are Mary and Joseph in the program on Sunday. Evelyn could not be more excited with new ideas for me every single day. Today she was trying to talk me into letting her sing every verse to Silent Night – she’s just supposed to sing one verse. Asher doesn’t seem to even think about it – very nonchalant.

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