A Tree For Their Room

Bethany, Piper and Tess all share a room. Bethany has been putting up a tree in her room for years and now the three girls can all enjoy the tree together. Last year they all did it together but this year they were so anxious to get it up that they didn’t even want to wait for Tess to be back on her feet to help. So, Bethany put all the lights on. Tess watched from the bed and Piper ran back and forth between Bethany putting on lights and Tess watching. After Bethany finished the lights they all hung on the tinsel. It turned out rather nice — though I did not get a picture of the finished tree. Not sure how that happened. 
Luke loved the lights and it was not a pretty sight when I had to take them away from him — a necessary action as he wanted to put them in his mouth. 

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