Summer’s End

This past weekend made me think that fall is almost here. I know summer is not over, but for some reason if just felt rather fallish. Maybe it’s because school is starting soon and it was cloudy and rainy and we even have a few yellow leaves on our trees – just a very few. Whatever it was that made it feel so fallish I don’t know – but, it was so very pleasant sitting on the porch watching the kids play and then watching it rain and rain.

The kids played out for hours on Sunday and they also made gingerbread and a cake. They ate dinner on the porch and ended with gingerbread. Even one of our favorite squirrels came up the steps to watch and see what we were doing. He is very brave and bold. He and his friend are here every single day asking for snacks. The evening ended with a very hard rain and thunderstorm and it was beautiful to watch. We sat for almost an hour and just watched and talked. Such a nice ending for the weekend. Soon we will be back in school and summer over and fall here – I think I am ready.

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